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Pilot training

Our Pilot Training courses are tailored to the individual needs of our customers, and have been developed by incorporating best practice from Airbus Helicopters’ test pilots and operational experience from major fleet operators.

Our Vision:
To become the leading provider of Airbus Helicopters training services, setting new standards in terms of Quality, Product Support and Customer Service and becoming the reference for aircraft safety.

Our Mission: 
To deliver industry-leading training, by offering the most comprehensive combination of instructor expertise, aircraft trainers and simulation capabilities.

Factory Training

Aircraft Initial and Recurrent Training

We provide both Initial Transition courses and Recurrent courses. Our ‘in-aircraft’ pilot courses will develop the pilot’s skill-set to conduct flight operations safely and efficiently. These courses also develop the pilot’s decision-making abilities, both preflight and in-flight, through a challenging real-world scenario-based curriculum.

Our Initial Transition course ground school covers the following subjects;

Students are tested with a closed-book final examination which covers aircraft systems, limitations and weight and balance sections. Students must achieve a score of 70% in order to receive a Certificate of Completion.

Off-Site Pilot Training

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. understands the day-to-day operational priorities that our operators face, and our flight instructors are able – on request – to travel to your facility to undertake Initial Transition or Recurrent training in your helicopter.  This enables you to reduce your travel costs, while at the same time minimizing the time lost in terms of revenue-generating flights.

Training prerequisites, flight training
Acceptance in this course is based upon the minimum requirement that the applicant possess at least an FAA issued Private Pilot Certificate with a Rotocraft – Helicopter Rating, be takeoff and landing current in helicopters (turbine time recommended), and have a valid medical certificate.

Flight Training Devices

Access to a full range of simulators is offered by Airbus Helicopters, Inc., providing realistic – and cost-effective – training for pilots and crews.  This includes:

For additional information, see the Simulator section.


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