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Airbus Helicopters offers the broadest and most comprehensive range of civil turbine helicopters available, from the five-seat EC120 light single to the 19-seat EC225 heavy twin.  Its extensive investment in R&D has created the most technologically-advanced family of helicopters, maximizing safety and ease-of-operation, with the result that Airbus Helicopters is today the undisputed manufacturer of civil turbine helicopters.

Airbus Helicopters’ range includes the spacious EC120, one of the world’s quietest helicopters, and the best-selling six-seat AS350 AStar turbine singles.  The AS350 B2 offers excellent value for money, while the high-performance AS350 B3 – now featuring dual FADEC and dual hydraulics – is known around the world as the helicopter that conquered Mount Everest. 

Light twin offerings include the versatile FADEC-equipped six-seat AS355 NP and the Fenestron-equipped EC135, the world’s best-selling light twin, which is offered with a choice of engines.  Many of the EC135’s advantages, including its spacious flat floor cabin, rear clamshell door and ergonomic glass cockpit, are also shared with the larger EC145, which has been selected by the U.S. Army as its UH-72 Lakota multi-role helicopter. 

Airbus Helicopters’ medium twin offerings include the FADEC-equipped AS365 N3, the latest and most capable variant of the famous Dauphin family, and the widebody EC155, which – like the AS365 – features high cruise speeds, a low-noise Fenestron and a wide range of options including sumptuous VIP interiors.  Airbus Helicopters’ next-generation medium twin is the EC175, powered by two 2,000 shp-class P&WC PT6C turboshafts, which raises the bar in terms of cabin size, performance and reliability. 

The EC225 is the ultimate evolution of Airbus Helicopters’ famed Super Puma family, which is operated in some of the toughest environments around the world.  The FADEC-equipped EC225 offers the highest cruise speeds and smoothest ride in its class, as well as one of the most advanced avionics suites available.  Like its smaller cousin the AS332 L1, the EC225 is well-equipped for operation in the worst weather, day or night.

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