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Products > H120 (formerly known as EC120) Overview

H120 (formerly known as EC120) Overview

The H120’s (formerly known as EC120) performance, versatility, comfort and low noise profile makes this helicopter the choice of private customers, corporations, law enforcement agencies and government operators throughout the U.S.

This aircraft brings together the latest technologies in a lightweight, single-engine platform that comfortably seats the pilot and four passengers in a wide, unobstructed cabin. In addition to an exceptionally low vibration level, passengers appreciate the H120’s ample leg room and air conditioned environment. Adding to the helicopter’s functionality is a panoramic view through its expansive glass windscreen and side windows, providing unmatched visibility for all those aboard.

From its proven Turbomeca Arrius 2F turboshaft engine to the bearingless Spheriflex®-type main rotor and Fenestron® tail rotor, the Airbus Helicopters, Inc. H120 has designed-in low maintenance and high reliability.

The H120 is the preferred helicopter for law enforcement agencies from coast to coast, which benefit daily from its quiet operation, effective maneuverability and enhanced safety features. The sturdy airframe accommodates a wide range of externally and internally-mounted mission equipment, including thermal and video sensors, LOJACK and PRONET tracking devices, high-intensity searchlights, digital video downlink systems, moving map displays, and a selection of both VHF and FM communications packages.

H120 law enforcement operators include the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office and Fresno Police Department in California; the Baltimore, Maryland Police Department (whose aviation unit passed the 15,000 hour mark for safe, accident-free flight in early 2006); and the Miami Police Department in Florida.

The H120 also protects America – flying in the service of the Department of Homeland Security’s U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP) agency. In selecting the H120, the CBP chose a helicopter that met its mission requirements for low-level surveillance and security patrols, as well as the detection/apprehension of persons trying to illegally enter the United States or conducting illegal activity along its borders. As the quietest rotary-wing aircraft in its class, the H120 is well suited for duty with the agency, and its environmentally-friendly operation enables missions to be flown in wildlife zones contained within the Customs and Border Protection’s area of responsibility.

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