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News > American Eurocopter joins the new Armed Scout 645 helicopter industry team

American Eurocopter joins the new Armed Scout 645 helicopter industry team

May 4, 2009

The creation of a world-class industry team to offer a new armed scout helicopter solution to the U.S. Army was announced today at the Army Aviation Association of America’s 2009 Annual Convention in Nashville, Tennessee, where a full-scale version of the aircraft – called the Armed Scout 645 – is on display.

This team is led by EADS North America, and brings together the rotary-wing strengths of American Eurocopter with the systems integration capabilities of Lockheed Martin for a highly-capable, cost-effective solution to meet the U.S. Army’s armed scout helicopter mission.

The Armed Scout 645 is based on the popular Eurocopter EC145 commercial airframe, which is the platform for the Army’s UH-72A Light Utility Helicopter.  The Armed Scout 645 will be produced at American Eurocopter’s Columbus, Mississippi facility where UH-72A Lakotas are currently manufactured.

With its powerful twin-engine performance and survivability, the Armed Scout 645 will responds to the performance needed in demanding high/hot operating environments called for by today’s Army requirements. 

The Armed Scout 645’s modern design and modular weapons systems architecture ensures low lifecycle costs, maintainability and maximum operational reliability, resulting in high operational readiness rates to meet changing Army mission requirements over time.  Its small footprint allows transportation by C-17 aircraft with minimum reconfiguration upon arrival in the operating area, and the helicopter’s large, unobstructed main cabin is easily reconfigurable for maximum mission flexibility.

EADS North America, as the prime contractor, has delivered 67 UH-72A Lakotas to the Army and Army National Guard since November 2006, with all aircraft supplied on or ahead of schedule and within budget.  The UH-72A is recognized as one of the most rapid aircraft introductions in Army aviation history.  The growing fleet in Army service has passed the 10,000 flight-hour milestone, demonstrating mission performance and reliability in operations throughout the United States.  To date, 128 Lakotas have been ordered by the Army, with plans to acquire a total of 345 UH-72As by 2016.

Lockheed Martin has a 25–year legacy of unmatched expertise in Army aviation mission equipment components and subsystems integration, as well as worldwide logistics support to the Armed Forces.  This experience includes Army attack helicopter programs, including the Modernized Target Acquisition Designation Sight/Pilot Night Vision Sensor (Arrowhead®) system, LONGBOW Fire Control Radar, Video from UAS for Interoperability Teaming – Level 2 (VUIT-2) and HELLFIRE missiles.

For more information about the Armed Scout 645, visit www.armedscout.com.

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