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Airbus Helicopters, Inc. offers the most complete range of corporate and VIP helicopters, with capacities from five to 19 seats.  Its helicopters combine smooth rides and luxurious interiors with industry-leading safety and low noise signatures, ensuring that operations are neighbor-friendly wherever operations are performed.

EC120 VIP helicopterThe EC120 offers unique capabilities for a light single-engine helicopter, merging the latest in safety technologies with ease of maintenance and unmatched cabin and baggage volume.  The EC120 also enjoys one of the lowest noise signatures available, along with a 397 nm touring range and one of the industry’s most stylish designs.

The AStar family is also a popular corporate choice, combining high performance and excellent safety with low operating costs and a spacious cabin. Operators are able to choose from a range of configurations, including the popular AS350 B2 and powerful AS350 B3 singles; the stylish, Fenestron-equipped EC130 “wide-body,” and the twin-engine AS355 NP TwinStar.

The best-selling EC135 combines twin-engine performance with one of the most versatile cabins available. Its sliding doors maximize ease of cabin access, while the aircraft’s Fenestron® tail rotor minimizes internal and external noise. The EC135’s anti-resonance isolation system ensures that passengers enjoy the smoothest possible ride possible, while the aircraft’s large clamshell door-equipped baggage compartment easily accommodates golf clubs for a foursome. The EC135 also is available as L’Hélicoptère par Hermès, an exclusive high-end configuration with interior and exterior styling and outfitting uniquely developed for Airbus Helicopters by the House of Hermès.

Inside of VIP helicopterAirbus Helicopters, Inc.’s twin-engine EC145 combines a large cabin and extensive avionics offerings with the versatility that has it the light utility helicopter of choice for the U.S. Army.  The EC145 can be configured either as a VIP helicopter with a sumptuous four-place interior, or alternatively used as a “sports utility helicopter” for an outdoor sports trip over the weekend.   In U.S. Army service, the EC145 is known as the UH-72A Lakota, and its missions include carrying VIPs and high-ranking personnel.

The Airbus Helicopters Dauphin family has long been an industry preference for VIP transportation, offering the most luxurious interiors in four, six and eight-seat configurations.  Both the AS365 N3 Dauphin and the wide-body EC155 versions combine the smoothest of rides and high cruise speeds with genuine all-weather capabilities, providing corporate operators with the most comfortable flights possible – whether be short hops or long-range trips out to a 500 nm distance.

Airbus Helicopters, Inc.’s EC175 is setting new standards for corporate and VIP operations. Launched in 2005, it has the largest cabin of any medium twin-engine helicopter – providing first-class comfort and ideal seating arrangements. Featuring more windows than walls, the rotorcraft also ensures panoramic views for all passengers. In addition, the EC175 offers the quietest, smoothest-riding 16-seat cabin around due to its five-bladed main rotor, minimized bearing rotor head and superior soundproofing.

The EC225 offers true presidential luxury.  This long-range, high-performance rotary-wing aircraft is available with a range of VVIP interiors that accommodate 8 to 12 passengers, plus an attendant.  A range of galleys and washrooms also are offered, along with an extensive range of in-flight entertainment systems and business facilities.  The EC225’s five-bladed rotor ensures the smoothest possible ride – even at high cruise speeds – while the aircraft’s fully de-iced rotor system maximizes flight safety whatever the weather.


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