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Law Enforcement

  • Versatile and cost-effective
  • The broadest range of platforms
  • Ideal for surveillance missions
  • Fully-customizable

Airbus Helicopters, Inc. is the leading supplier of Law Enforcement helicopters in the United States, maintaining a strong market share over the past decade. It is a trusted partner to the Law Enforcement community, supplying aircraft to more than 50 state, local and federal government agencies across the nation.

Download the "Force Multiplier" in Law Enforcement brochure (.PDF/ 4.75 MB)

See the Law Enforcement overview page.

Light single-engine

Product features:
EC120, AS350 B2/B3e, EC130 T2
- Open cabin design
- Wide field of view
- Highly maneuverable
- Industry-leading technologies


Light twin-engine

Product features:
AS355, EC135, EC145
- Twin-engine power & reliability
- Multi-role capable
- Customizable configurations
- Proven supportability


Medium twin-engine

Product features:
AS365, EC155
- Large, unobstructed cabin
- High cruise speeds with smooth ride
- Advanced flight systems
- Homeland security missions

Medium twin-engine

Product features:
AS332, EC225
- Extremely large cabin
- High cruise speeds with smooth ride
- Advanced flight systems
- Troop transport, search & rescue